Access to Technology

Free internet access

A number of internet service giants have offered free or discounted access during the outbreak. Many are also waiving late fees so customers don’t need to temporarily suspend service. Call a local service provider for more information.

How to get a free tablet or computer

While many school districts have shifted lectures over to Zoom, Google Hangouts, WebEx or other video conferencing tools, students need a way to access them. These options are also typically available through mobile apps -- both on iOS and Android. Here are the local resources we’ve compiled so far.

Technological support resources for distance learning

In addition to tech titans Google and YouTube, organizations like UNESCO have collected resources of all types, in support of remote education. These links include options for teachers, students and parents.

Offline materials (mailed and printed)

In some cases, access to a laptop, tablet or phone isn’t possible. Even if it is, offline activities are extremely healthy for children -- dedicated time away from screens is more important than ever.

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