The School Store has been in operation since 2005, and this is due to constant dedication from Mrs. Gaskell. 
Mrs. Gaskell teaches Office Applications, Entrepreneurship and Personal Finance in addition to being the advisor to the school store.
Without her, the school store would not have been as successful as it is today.

An Interview with Mrs. Gaskell

What can you tell me about yourself and your teacher career?
Mrs Gaskell: I have been teaching for 36 years, and 21 years in the Douglas Public Schools.

How long has the school store been in operation?
Mrs Gaskell: This is the stores ninth full year.

What kind of products do you sell in the school store?
Mrs. Gaskell: School materials such as separators, folders, pencils and pens, etc, there is also a Douglas clothing line which sells sweatpants, sweatshirts, T shirts and long sleeve shirts, jackets etc…

Who profits from the school store?
Mrs. Gaskell: The students because the store is specialized for student needs.

Is it successful?
Mrs. Gaskell: It is, each year the inventory keeps growing and with that the client base also grows.

Will there be any expanding of the school store?
Mrs. Gaskell: Always, each year there are always new pieces of clothing or supplies added into the inventory.

What class runs the store?
Mrs. Gaskell: The Entrepreneurship class runs the school store.

What classes do you teach?
Mrs. Gaskell: In Entrepreneurship, students learn how and what it takes to run a business. Office Applications teaches Microsoft Office.  Personal Finance teaches how to manage your money.

Do the students receive restitution for working in the school store?
Mrs. Gaskell: Not monetarily, the students are given a grade for how they perform in the school store and this grade is 10 % of the quarter grade. Managers are weighted heavier than the other employees. The store is treated as a real business, penalized when late 
and must call out when sick.